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Wood Watches by SVENN Svenn Wood Watches was founded in 2017 by four friends who follow fashion closely and enjoy traveling the world and spending time together. Since 2017, we spend all our time to offer you quality watches that you can use for many years. We have fun. This is our journey. We design and manufacture completely natural, high quality and minimalist wooden watches. To protect nature and leave a better world for future generations, we plant a tree for every watch you buy. Wear wooden watch, Create your style, Be trendy with SVENN SVENN Logo SVENN Logo

Men Wood Watch

Gun Metal Wood Watch & Ebony

2,193TL 2,873TL

Gun metal wooden watch will be a very strong candidate to be your indispensable watch with its pleasant color combination. The red seconds hand shines on its dark gray dial. In addition, the dark ebony color made from 100% natural wood suits this unique watch very well. This handmade wristwatch is very suitable for everyday use, not only with its good color combination, but also with its scratch-proof sapphire crystal and splash-proof feature. Also known as the most reliable movement brand in the world is the Swiss movement Ronda. Svenn prefers high-quality components and does not compromise on quality.

Bu yüksek kaliteli ahşap saatin bir diğer önemli noktası da REACH yönetmeliklerine uygun olmasıdır. Yani sertifikasyonu ile tüketici güvenliğine gerçekten saygılı bir üründür Nikel, kadmiyum ve kurşun gibi zararlı kimyasallar içermez.


  • %100 Temperli Doğal Ahşap
  • İsviçre Ronda 1069 Hareketi
  • Çizilmeye Dayanıklı Safir Cam
  • Mevcut Gravür Seçenekleri
  • Ultra Hafif Ağırlık


  • Çap: 41mm
  • Kalınlık: 9mm
  • Bant Genişliği: 20mm
  • Ağırlık: 64g


Saatiniz size gönderilmek üzere 1 iş günü içerisinde hazırlanacaktır.
Standart gönderi için ortalama standart gönderim süresi 3-6 gündür.
Standart gönderi için ortalama ekspres gönderi süresi 1-3 gündür.

Uluslararası siparişler için Harçlar ve Vergiler bizim kontrolümüz dışındadır ve alıcı tarafından ödenmesi gerekir.


Tüm saatlerimiz için 1 yıl mekanik parça garantisi veriyoruz. Bu süre zarfında herhangi bir sorun yaşarsanız, bizimle kolayca iletişime geçebilirsiniz. Senin için yapabileceğimizin en iyisini yapacağız.

    bizim bak erkekler ahşap izle Diğer saatleri görmek için koleksiyon.


    Nowadays, unique products are becoming more and more popular day by day. People would like to see a differential feature on the products which they prefer to have or gift. Today’s technological conditions let us produce different services like engraving service which is a very useful method to customize wooden watches. It is possible to put your special & personal note on the case back of the watch or on the wooden box. Even in your own handwriting!!! Thanks to Svenn engraving service you can take the advantage of making your watch or gift unique.



    Black wood watches are really comfortable with its color advantage. How easy it is to make a nice combination with your daily wear!!! If you are looking for a dark colored timepiece, Svenn Gun Metal wood watch is a good alternative with its ebony wood and dark grey dial color. Additionally, its red second hand shines as a nice detail on it. To see more look at the Svenn Men Collection page.


    Nowadays, one of most must-have accessories is a wooden watch. Specially, for men the meaning of a wrist watch is vitally important as an accessory. They need to have more than one alternative in their wardrobe. Svenn Romeo Series includes very nice high-quality choices with scratch-proof sapphire crystal and Swiss Ronda movement.


    Marriage is a very important milestone in the lives of most of us. There is no doubt that this makes anniversary gifts more and more important. Every year has another meaning and deserves a special celebration. Most particularly, the 5th year anniversary is more special. Of course, finding a unique gift to celebrate this day is worth-pondering. On this point, wood watches come into prominence with wood being the traditional 5th year anniversary gift material. Wood symbolizes strength and wisdom. It is believed that the marriage is also developing these values in 5 years. So, this clarifies why a wood watch is a great gift choice for 5th year. Moreover, you can also add your special message on your gift with engraving service. Receiving a gift which has a note with your own handwriting would be so surprising and romantic for your partner. To see more about customization look at this page.


    Quality is a really important point which comes to mind when the subject is best wooden watches. Most people can think about the durability of a timepiece made of wooden. There are some features which show the quality of wooden watches. The crystal of the watch, the brand of mechanism and heat treatment of wood are significant clauses which make it high-quality. Additionally, choosing a wood watch which is compatible with safety regulations is required to be protected against harmful chemicals like nickel, lead, and cadmium. We are very proud to say that Svenn makes no concession on safety and quality. Svenn prefers to use world-wide known Ronda Swiss mechanism, scratch-proof crystal and %100 natural heat-treated wood to produce Svenn watches. Moreover, Svenn watches comply with Reach Regulations which protects end-users against harmful chemicals.


    For wooden timepieces, one of the questions comes to mind if they are waterproof. It is possible to see in most articles that wooden timepieces are durable against 3 ATM water resistance. To put it in a different way, they are splash-proof and can easily withstand splashes of rain and water. This means wooden watches are highly suitable for everyday wear. Of course, you should not forget to take off it if you will take shower or dive 😊